Performance > In Time/Of Time

on a street corner and moving into the cross walk, a dancer all in black and wearing a black mask reaches forward with her palms open and up. Behind her a man in yellow pants and a brown jacket plays a Melodica.
In Time/Of Time
live scoring improvisation with Eric Biondo

In Time / Over Time - part of 2020 Arts Gowanus Art Walk

The task is to sound, move, act, react, spend time, observe each other, wait, mark, and remark.
To draw experience, perhaps to draw it out.

We improvised together until we came to a natural pause. We each drew/diagrammed what just happened directly onto the wall behind us using a system of notating choreography, Labanotation symbols, motif description dance notation, mark making from my drawing practice, musical notation, instructions, and graphing and data collection concepts. Going back and forth between the wall diagram and performance, we worked on studying memory, muscle memory, drawing as notation, and generating a live score.

To our minds, this enacts a gorgeous mess of forgetting, remembering, and responding to each other and those watching. It was our intent to perform a long durational piece that activates a space while investigating ideas of immediacy and accumulation. The piece spanned two 6-hour afternoons, and our final act was to wash the drawing away, leaving little trace of what had built up in the space.