At the heart of my artistic inquiry lies a fundamental question: Where is meaning produced? My answer is this: The body is a site, a proving ground for our choices and the reasons we continue.

Everything is a drawing, and drawings are traces of us. As a visual and performing artist, I delve into the intricacies of how we order and reason about our existence and the spaces that contain us. We witness each other, providing proof of ourselves, acting as archivists for the collective unconscious. Through this lens, my work, lectures, and reflections investigate how a drawing can be made, performed, and defined. I create durational performances, installations, works on paper, and dance. My ongoing research explores ideas of accumulation, solitude, memory, and drawing as a performative act.

I use - paper, charcoal, pencils, pens, dust, gel medium, ink, movement, wind, thread, wire, found objects, wood, fabric, rope, water, breath, my body …

To - organize, build, collect, conceal, arrange, uplift, change, delineate, fill, frame, react to, trace, pile, excavate, explain, define, repeat, gesture…

A(n) / In(to) / On(to) - surface, environment, view, wall, page, space, my body.

I mine the world around me for words, images, gestures, memories, pathways, webs, and layers of information. I compile lists and marks that serve as connectors and embed them within choreographic and compositional methodologies. Despite the depth of my research, I maintain a commitment to play and a sense of wonder, recognizing the importance of lighthearted exploration in the creative process.

This is a map of my heart; some details were omitted.