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Part of my studio practice is a play with objects, tools, and studio scraps; a game of compositional choices, observations, oppositions, and relationships.

What can the intention behind each placement bring to the material or to the work? Is a record of these actions as engaging as the act?

Objects on a paper surface. Two rusty razor blades are toward the bottom left corner; one is vertical with the sharp edge on the left, and the other is horizontal with the sharp edge pointing up. They create half an open square. Framed by this shape is a
objects and paper
Two large pieces of graph paper overlap in the middle of the image so that the lines of the graphs meet at angles. Across this surface are droplets of white and grey ink and a tangle of grey thread. In a couple of spots along the line where the graphs run
graph paper, ink, and thread
Composition 3
string, found objects, fabric, thread
A cream colored piece of paper covers a surface. Arranged on this surface are found objects. To the left and towards the bottom corner of the image is a smooth black stone. Above that and to the right is a small ball of white string that is a little unwou
found objects and play
There's a cream colored paper covered in an even graph of red squares. To the left and middle of the image sits a small ball of white thread. From out of the center of the ball, as though it were a vase, stands a hand full of long pine needles. One has fa
pine needles, thread, paper, charcoal
A close-up of a piece of paper with smudges and specs of charcoal. Across the image near the top is a wide dark ink brush line. Under it are thin, barely visible white ink lines. A piece of curling black paper sits where these sections of lines meet and a
charcoal, ink, paper, and found objects
Scattered across the surface of aline of graph paper with perforated edges, and small pieces of paper, pencils shavings, pine needles, leaves and masking tape. Amongst this scatter, there are carefully placed brass arrows, one pointing to the top left cor
Paper, pine needles, pencil shavings, brass arrows, and compasses
You are looking straight down onto a green surface. In the center, near the top of the image, is a white ceramic bowl. Inside the bowl is a small piece of lace and a few black stones. Around the right edge of the bowl is a curled piece of white fabric wit
chalk, fabric, thread, brass arrows, small black stones, and a white ceramic bowl